Carbon Currency Compounds


Welcome to the official site for the Elite Legacy Creations, where thoughts manifest into reality.

at the heart of Elite Legacy Creations a force of Inventors, living biochemist, ethnobotanist, creatives and researchers to provide the world with environmentally friendly solutions to the worlds problems.

Our first offering comes in the form of our Biocuticals which are organic super supplements, carefully designed to bring you back to a healthy state. Find more information in our Journal for reversal protocols on High blood pressure, Diabetes Type 2, Arthritis and more, all CHEMICAL FREE, this falls under our division called Carbon Currency Creations.

Our compounds and nutritional protocols are designed for your genetics as the components we use evolved with your genealogy. At Carbon Currency we have managed to take the evolution of the human being to the next level by transforming you into a biochemical super human, which includes mental, emotional and physical harmony and/or homeostasis, for that extra edge in life. Explore our range and begin your journey to true health and wellness.

Carbon Currency Creations, the Diamond standard of nutrigenomics and biocuticals.

Your brain only uses 10% of its cerebral capacity, at best, which means you have work to do, enhance your journey with Carbon Currency Creations.

Eat to Electrify
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